20 High DA Sites Where You Can Create Free Backlinks

In the market for free backlinks?

Search engines like Google still use backlinks as one of the primary metrics to calculate your site’s page ranking. If you want to rank higher, you need better backlinks.

Though it’s time-consuming, you can create guest posts on high domain authority (DA) websites. You can even use blackhat methods, like paying for high DA backlinks.

Or, you can avoid the grueling process and shady alternatives. Follow the guide below to create quality, high DA backlinks. Each will only take you a few minutes.

Read on to learn more.

1. Photo Bucket

Photobucket is a free image hosting site. You may also post short videos. Add your relevant image and a link in the description.

  • PA – 65
  • DA – 95

The free sign-up process is easy. You may use your Facebook account or email address. With it, they give you 2GB of free storage and access to everything on their site.

2. Deviant Art

DeviantArt is arguably the largest online art-work community. The site hosts a broad range of digital artwork. You may share or promote your own to their enormous community.

  • PA – 84
  • DA – 92

To make a free account on Deviant Art, you need only submit an image or infographic of your post. Then, add a link back to your post in your description.

3. Image Shack

ImageShack is an image hosting platform. It is subscription-based, and simple to use. Upload your images with the click of a few buttons.

  • PA – 79
  • DA – 94

Signing up for an account is free. Submit your pics, images, or infographics, and add some simple backlinks to your website in the description. That’s it.

4. Drop Shots

DropShots is yet another image hosting website. It’ll help you diversify your link profile. They host both photos and videos, which you can upload in under a minute.

  • PA – 60
  • DA – 70

All accounts are free. Sign up in under five minutes, and then post your image. Don’t forget to link back to your site in the description and your profile.

5. Photo Peach

PhotoPeach is a slide share hosting website. With it, you can create photos and slideshows. You may embed those in your website and share your slides with the world. They also make it easy to share via email, IM, and Facebook.

  • PA – 60
  • DA – 72

The sign-up process is easy and free. Enter your niche related images afterward. Then add some supporting text and a link in your description.

6. Scrub the Web

ScrubTheWeb is a website analyzer. Submit your site for free and receive a report on your site’s health. It’s a two-for-one deal.

  • PA– 55
  • DA – 72

It’s free to use. Submit your site’s URL and verify their confirmation email. That’s it.

7. Directory World

DirectoryWorld might be the largest human-edited directory on the planet. Choose from one of the hundreds of categories for your website. They sometimes block the free submission, so check back from time to time.

  • PA -57
  • DA– 61

Sign up is easy. Afterward, create a description of your site and a backlink.

8. So Much

SoMuch is a free online directory. You may choose from a hundred or so categories. Pick the one that best describes your website.

  • PA -51
  • DA – 57

This one is also free. Unfortunately, it can take a week or so for them to approve your link. The site says only five days, but it sometimes takes them longer.

9. Jayde

Jayde is a business-to-business search engine. They provide company names, services, products, and other information.

  • PA – 57
  • DA – 59

Follow the directions to sign up for a free account. Then list your website. Don’t forget to include your relevant link!

10. Author Stream

AuthorStream is a presentation hosting platform. Submit your animations, audio narrations, and slide videos. You can even broadcast your presentation live.

  • PA – 67
  • DA – 84

Follow the direction to sign up for a free account. Then, edit your profile and drop a backlink to your website. Don’t forget to add a short bio.

11. Quora

Quora is a Q & A website founded back in 2009. Yes, you can acquire a quick, high DA backlink. You can also help generate organic traffic to your site by answering industry relent questions from other members.

  • PA – 72
  • DA – 92

The free account sign-up takes less than five minutes. Afterword, fill out your profile and include a link to your site.

12. About Me

About.me is a website on which you can create a profile page for free. Load up your photo and bio, and you’re good to go.

  • PA – 72
  • DA – 92

Sign-up only takes a few minutes. You can also send web traffic to your profile page as an added benefit.

13. Issuu

Issuu is an electronic publishing platform. It’s used primarily for magazines, newspapers, and catalogs.

  • PA -82
  • DA – 94

Sign up for a free account and publish a document. Make sure it’s original content. Make sure to include a link to your site in the document.

14. Zoho

Zoho is a CRM software. The software suite contains options for spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, word processing, web conferencing, and wikis.

  • PA – 70
  • DA – 89

Sign up for a free account. Then submit a document which includes a link back to your post. Easy.

15. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file-hosting service. On it, you can store your documents, images, and other files in the cloud.

  • PA – 83
  • DA – 94

Create your free account. Afterword, drop a backlink to your site in both your document and the description. Be sure to upload unique, relevant content.

16. I’m Faceplate

ImFaceplate is an article-based site. Add an article of about three-hundred words and include a backlink to your site. Articles typically index within a few hours.

  • PA – 56
  • DA – 72

Sign up for a free account. Add your relevant article. Add a backlink to your profile. It’s that easy.

17. Bit Bucket

BitBucket is a site for coding project. Drop a backlink into your profile, and you’re done.

  • PA -73
  • DA -92

Sign up is free. Don’t worry about adding a coding project. You don’t need one.

18. Listly

List.ly is a free list publishing website. Create a list of relevant items and publish it.

  • PA – 67
  • DA – 76

Sign up for your free account. Then add your backlink inside your list.

19. Pen IO

Pen.io is a Web 2.0 site. Don’t worry; it’s easy to set up. To get started, add an image and some text. Include an infographic with a link back to your site.

  • PA – 92
  • DA – 94

Sign up takes minutes. Building your post takes under a half hour.

20. Cheaper Seeker

CheaperSeeker is a coupon hosting website. Don’t worry; you needn’t add any coupons. Create a description explaining your supposed coupon which includes a backlink.

  • PA – 49
  • DA – 49

Sign up is easy and free.

Where Else to Look for Free Backlinks

Creating free backlinks can be simple. Use a web tool like the MozBar to calculate any site’s domain authority. Then head to sites with high DA’s that include your profile.

Throw in a backlink, and you’re done. Easy as that.

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