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Garuda Web Development is a professional web development and SEO service. We provide free domain & SSL, unlimited hosting, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, and 100% fast loading website to boost your business. Start from $ 130.

Jasa Pembuatan Website Profesional

Web Design Servicess

We Build Great Websites

We are rightfully proud to say that we do not just make a website. Moreover, we present a solution to boost your product and service sales through business-oriented websites.

Even after websites had been launched, we will not leave you. Instead, we will stay by your side to help you become the leader in the online business market. That is our promise as a partner of yours.

SEO Professional Servicess

Google 1st Page Guarantee

There are millions of websites out there and keep increasing more and more. How to make sure your website could get many visitors? The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

We will provide a series of processes to make your website rank 1st in Search Engine Page Results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and so on. If you want to be found by your customer, you have to appear on the first page.

Jasa SEO Profesional
Jasa SEO Profesional

Maintenance Website

Support Services

Your website has been broken because of any things? Got no time to fix it? Or, you have been abandoned by your web developer after it had been built? We are your solution.

Let us take care of it! We will fix, maintain, and develop your website while you could just sit nicely or do another thing for your business. We are highly-trained to work quickly and precisely.

Creative and Innovative Ideas →

We love to build websites. Even, we have built tons of websites. It let us possible to keep being innovative and exploring creative ideas. Let Garuda Web Development help you with your problems.

100% Fast Loading Website →

No one wants to wait while accessing websites. Even SEO demands fast loading speed. We provide highly optimized websites with ultrafast loading. This is one of our features we are proud of.

Credible and Compete-able →

So many websites have been built every minute. It is a more value touch that can make your website able to compete in the internet business market globally. We will help you to make it happens.


What I do

We provide web development services for every kind of website you need, from a simple static website to a highly complex websites with dynamic change using Big Data system.

News Portal Web

We help you develop a news portal website with complete features, SEO friendly, fast & mobile responsive, elegant & professional visual design.

Company Profile Web

We help you develop a company profile website with special character to build your business brand and sophisticated features for company needs.

Personal Blog

We help you make a personal blog for every purpose with the possibility of improvement as becoming a professional and high-value business blog.

Jasa pembuatan website & SEO profesional
Portfolio Web

We help you build and develop a portfolio web with attractive visual design to make your work known worldwide.

Online Store Web

We help you create an online store website with specific design and features purposely to increase and double your sales. All with an e-commerce based online transaction system installed.

Custom Website

We help you build a customized website with visual design, character, and other features adjusted to your concept and ideas.

Jasa Pembuatan Website Profesional


Garuda Web Development grows and develops from trust. Clients trust and decide to build and develop their business-web based on our professionalism. Every website we built for our clients in the face of our business. You have our highly concerned about this. That is why we never back down in service provider competition because of our quality.

Every website development use server with a high-end security system and BitNinja It is a smart server security technology to protect the web from hacker, DDoS, spam, and malicious software.

You can’t grow big and compete on the internet globally without a strong foundation and high technology support. That’s why for every website, Garuda Web Development builds it on top of a strong foundation with the newest and highest technology, such as:

  • Sophisticated Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwith
  • Free Domain
  • Uptime 99%
  • Supermicro Server
  • CPanel Hosting
  • Data Center Tier-4 (most sophisticated technology nowadays)
  • High Dedicated Technical Support
  • Optimized Web Hosting Technology IIX
  • LiteSpeed Web Server Technology

*LiteSpeed is the best and fastest web server in the world right now, as a substitute for Apache webserver. It has superiority in processing data speed with 40x faster.

SSL is an acronym from Secure Sockets Layer. It is a global standard security technology on the internet. SEO demands a safe and secure website to be accessed by the visitor and search engine machine. We provide free domain and SSL for every website development service purchased.

You can contact us anytime to get our support service. Garuda Web Development Service is ready anytime to give you technical support or recommendations. We intend to keep your website up to date in the newest technology and business strategy.

We understand your need to get visitors, so for every web, we build it with the best SEO structure. We use premium theme design to make your website maintain competitiveness on the internet globally.

live demo

Basically, there is no full-fledged standard design in website development. We can help you build any kind of website with features as complex as needed. It includes a personal blog, news portal until e-commerce based on complex features.

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