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We will optimize your web business with a global standard strategy for SEO. We will make hundreds of your keywords appear on the 1st page of Google SERP


Ultimate SEO Servicess

How our professional SEO Service works? When you are on this page, it must because of SEO. Then, you read our offers and decide to use our high-quality SEO service. This is how we run our digital marketing strategy

  • Our SEO service is guaranteed. If it does not match our offer, your money will be returned 100%. No Requisition!
  • The price of the SEO service that we offer is competitive. If you compare it with the potential result you get, it is far more beyond your imagination.
  • Our professional SEO service has more value than what you’ve just invested in. Your website will be on the 1st page of Google SERP. It will talk to more people, sell more products and services for 24/7 and 365 days non-stop. You just need to prepare a reliable customer service to handle prospects and get conversions from your website.
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SEO Web Development

There are no tricks or spoofs in our professional SEO service. You may try another SEO service if you have enough time to wait. Or, you may just do the trial and error process which may cost you thousands for nothing.

But, if you want to get into business directly and focused on reaching more buyers, you can skip those. If you want to get your investment return as soon as possible and avoid speculations, use our professional SEO service.

Let us handle all matters about SEO & Web Development and you just focused on important strategies for your business.

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Ekstreem Servicess

Website errors removal

Our professional SEO service used a series of procedures to increase your web rank in the Google SERP. We apply SEO on-page and off-page to boost your website visibility through organic traffic.

Ultimate Servicess

Bosting website visibility

Being on top of Google SERP will bring a huge amount of visitors to your website. This organic traffic will deliver highly targeted customer prospects with a high potency of conversion. More visitors = more money!

Business target

New website visitors

Being on top of Google SERP will bring a huge amount of visitors to your website. This organic traffic will deliver highly targeted customer prospects with a high potency of conversion. More visitors = more money!

Professional SEO Services from Local to Global

SEO Service Price List

Our professional SEO Services offers 2 options for the package. You can choose which one is more suitable for your programs and business goals.

Business Package

$ 150 / Month

  • Targeted keyword research
  • Website analysis
  • Website research
  • Website error removal
  • 700 high-quality backlink for targeted niche/month
  • Rank updates
  • Customer support


$ 550 / month

  • From local to global
  • Website analysis
  • Website research
  • Website error removal
  • Internal Optimization
  • 3000 high-quality backlink for targeted niche/month
  • Backlink analysis report. Link error removal, repair and rebuild damaged link and free to choose space for links.
  • Up to 100 targeted keywords guaranteed on Google TOP10
  • High Dedicated Customer Support

Professional SEO Services

Business SEO Packages Service Includes

“We will do everything from analyzing, planning, and giving recommendations needed to optimize the SEO of your business website.”
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Global SEO Servicess
  • Targeted Keyword Research: Our SEO Professional Service will generate and select keywords that produce visitors and sales for your website. We use the newest tools and technology to analyze the trend and human habits. Our system works well for global and regional, especially in exploring keywords in search engines.

  • Website Analysis: Using sophisticated technology and up to date tools, we will run deep analysis over your website structure. This way, you can rest assured that your website will get SEO optimization since the beginning. Your web structure will be designed to apply a global standard of SEO.

  • Website Research: Working hand in hand with SEO Specialist, we will run manual analysis over your website. All results will be presented in detail report, so you can make changes and improvements. This research will be run comprehensively and continuously. We want to make sure you have a strong foundation to compete in the global market.

  • Building Quality Backlinks Strategy: Using white-hat technology, our professional SEO service will build and place backlinks from relevant (niche-related) websites. We will also control the amount and quality of all backlinks continuously.

    This service makes it possible to place organic links to web source which has a strong relationship with your website. The placed links will be integrated into unique content to get the perfect results.

    We will place 700 backlinks per month for the initial stage. All links are placed using a strong backlinks building strategy, to make sure all websites are relevant to targeted keywords.

    Our professional SEO service works together with a global corporation to run this strategy. At least, we have more than 50.000 websites partners from various niche and different domain zone. All of our partners have high domain authority at various subjects.

    We select the websites carefully based on domain age and its rank on Google Trust. The links will be built gradually with ratio: 40% anchor links, 50% non-anchor links, 10% non-anchor links.

% Anchor links

SEO circ-50

% Non-anchor links

seo - circ-10

% Non-anchor links

  • Rank Report: The most important thing from all strategies is the result. That’s why we provide a detail report so you can monitor and supervise your website development. Our team will deliver a daily report update for targeted keywords rank.

  • Customer Support: As a professional SEO service, we work as your partner. We will not become just tools, instead, we are present as humans and your partner. We love to hear and discuss your concept and ideas to bring your business into different leagues. Our team will support you in optimizing your website SEO. You can contact us to deliver a report as the webmaster.

Need more consultations

Professional SEO Service

Ultimate SEO Package
Servicess includes

“All you need is to sit nicely while having global standard SEO service. We are present as your webmaster. We will do everything from analyzing, planning, and applying SEO optimization over your website.”
Garuda Web Development
Global SEO Servicess

Things we will do for you: reach Google TOP10 for up to 100 keywords, remove website error and conduct internal SEO optimization. We will also build an effective link building campaign to promote 1 – 2 website pages. You can choose from two options which match your targets: local (country SEO) or global (Worldwide SEO).





This ultimate SEO packages service includes:

Analysis (SEO Team and Personal Manager);
  • Check websites from every Google Filter to build a strong strategy
  • Generate commercial keywords and select the most relevant one that will attract as many customers as possible
  • Analyze web structure and keyword distribution to select the best page with proper keyword combination
  • Collecting information about your competitor to keep you aware and ready to act and plan development strategy. 
Internal Optimization ( SEO Team & Web Developer);

The purpose of these optimization steps is to fulfill all requirements to get indexed by Google Search Engine. It will show the excellence of the promoted website in comparison to the competitor’s web. The optimizations that will be conducted over your website are as follow.

  • Creating tag meta that match to promoted keywords list.
  • Improving the HTML code of the website. It will place every tag and attribute needed to match the newest standard of search engine algorithm.
  • Adding tag alt and closing external link through no-follow attribute to keep web page authority.
  • Writing the unique and optimized SEO content.
  • Removing the 404 error page and damaged link.
  • Change website interlinking to add only optimum level links to promoted pages.
  • Modify robots.txt and .htaccess files to display the true websites on search engine result pages.
  • Creating a site map file to index website pages completely.
  • Placing a social media button (share button) to increase reach and engagements.
Working with links (SEO Team);
  • Analysis juice backlink for the website, removing the error and damaged link and free to choose link placement.
  • Creating a juice backlink related to a niche that is needed to reach the highest position. It will integrate the links to unique content related to your subject to increase your promotion effectiveness. 
Support (Personal Manager);
  • Customer Support. Your personal manager will monitor your campaign process development every day, It will keep you up to date with any changes and circumstances about your campaign.
  • Reporting Center. A regular and detail analytic report will always keep you aware of your campaign situation. 

OK. Are you ready to discuss how do our SEO service grows and brings your business to a whole new level?

Professional SEO Servicess

Frequently Asked Questions

“We are working together with global standard corporation specialized in SEO industry. We have more than 50.000 websites partner from various niche to support your business.”
Garuda Web Development
Global SEO Servicess

“Basically, SEO strategy covers many things. It’s not just technical work, moreover, it’s a combination of technology and art. It talks about understanding logic, ideas, concepts, and vision far ahead. The development of the SEO industry is moving dynamically. That is because there is no full-fledged standard in SEO. Google Algorithm may change hundred times in a year. What works today may not be able to be applied tomorrow. Therefore, you need to understand both mindset and technical aspect in SEO.”

SEO stands from Search Engine Optimization. This is a series of procedures or strategies to make a website appear on the SERP, especially the 1st page.

SERP means Search Engine Result Pages, where the results of keyword research are displayed on the screen.

SEO makes your website appears on the 1st page of Google SERP for a targeted keyword. Your website has potential reach over millions of people who search that keyword through Google. Those prospects are unique and well-targeted, so you could imagine what you can do with that.

  • Branding; building your brand makes people know your business. It is also good for positioning your products or services in the market.
  • Campaign Funnel; you can deliver various types of information related to your business to many people. It also helps you to make a marketing strategy by building sales funnel easily.
  • More than Ads; you have to know that according to research data, people tend to avoid clicking ads on result pages. They do not like to be sold with vulgar ads. Instead, they will like something that they discover by themselves, including this searching habit.

The most important thing is the website. First, if you haven’t had any websites yet, you can use our professional web development service. Second, the investment costs. You need nothing more because all things will be handled by us.

An SEO strategy is not just about investment costs. There are times as the most important source in business. Except, if you have enough time and do not set any targets, you can try many things by yourself.

A professional SEO service does a series of systematic and tested procedures flawlessly. It’s possible to get a quick result as fast as possible. No matter how hard the competition is, you could still lead on the search engine results page.

SEO Keyword is a text phrase that people type in search column at a search engine. Sometimes it is only one word, but another time, it could be one full sentence.

Targeted keyword means keyword relevant to the sales ads campaign of your products or services.

Actually, SEO must be run all the time. To see the result of the SEO process will wait for rank updates from Search Engines. Usually, after 3 weeks of running, the result had been able to be seen. For optimum achievement, it needs at least a 3-month running campaign.

A professional SEO investment cost is according to our offer above. This price is stick and can’t be bargained.

It’s because we work in team with global corporation and tested system. Except, you are from a small company which moves in small aspects with little competition, we may reconsider. Of course, it will need special research from our team.

Yes. Our service has been proven by thousand customers from all over the world. We guarantee the SEO result. Your targeted keyword will be on the 1st page of the Google search engine results page. You will get 100% your money back if the result does not match our promise. No hidden condition!

We serve global customers from all over the world. As long as there is internet in your area, our service will reach you. From a skyscraper in New York City to a barren desert in Mongolia, our service can be arranged everywhere. And also, we reach a local target and regional or global markets together.

We serve all niches for any kind of targeted keyword. Except for content that is violating the law and applicable norms in each society.

OK. Are you ready to discuss how do our SEO service grows and brings your business to a whole new level?

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